Jeffrey Sheler
Author of Is the Bible True? : How Modern Debate and Discoveries Affirm the Essence of the Scripture Author

Religion correspondent for U.S. News and World Report.

Doug Clark
Professor Walla Walla College,

Working on the Madaba Plains Project

JoAnne Davidson
Assistant Professor of Theology,
Andrews University Seminary
Berrien Springs Michighan

Kenneth Davis
Author of Don't Know Much About the Bible and the best selling series:

Don't Know Much About the Universe
Don't Know Much About Space
Don't Know Much About the Planet Earth
Don't Know Much About the Solar System
Don't Know Much About the 50 States
Don't Know Much About the Civil War
Don't Know Much About Geography

Lawrence T. Geraty
President, La Sierra University
Riverside, California

Wayne Teasdale
Ph.D. in theology from Fordham University, teaches at De Paul University, a member of the North American Board for East-West Dialogue, member of Hundred Acres Monastery.
Author of:

The Mystic Heart : Discovering a Universal Spirituality in the World's Religions
Come and Sit : A Week Inside Meditation Centers (10000) (with Marcia Z. Nelson)
Toward a Christian Vedanta : the encounter of Hinduism and Christianity according to Bede Griffiths
The Community of Religions : Voices and Images of the Parliament of the World's Religions
Essays in Mysticism