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Ralph Muncaster
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A former atheist and hardcore Bible skeptic, Ralph spent 15 years conducting research to dispute the Bible. To Ralph, it seemed that the Bible could not possibly be consistent with such sciences as anthropology, molecular biology and physics.

Armed with an engineering education and a critical, questioning mind, to his surprise the more he searched, the more evidence he found - evidence that supports the Bible's claims.

In 1986, Ralph became aware of the prophetic accuracy of the Bible. He recognized that such precision is "statistically impossible". Investigating the scientific and historical documentation and its consistency with the Bible, he was startled by his findings: manuscripts written thousands of years ago contain information that could not possibly have been known at that time . . . without divine intervention.

A dynamic speaker and teacher, Ralph Muncaster has been featured on dozens of national television programs, such as The New Harvest Show, At Home Live!, His Place, Celebration and It's A New Day. He has appeared on numerous radio broadcasts including Beverly LaHaye Today, Midday Connection, Prime Time America, Master Control, and Today's Issues. Ralph recently taped a five-show segment for PAX TV. Special engagements include addressing a Muslim mosque in Orange County about the reliability of the Bible, and addressing NASA scientists at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Ralph is currently a Adjunct Professor at Vanguard University of Southern California where he teaches business, communications, and religion classes. He is in his 11th year of teaching apologetics at Saddleback Valley Community Church in southern California.

Ralph and his wife, Janice reside in California and have three sons.

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