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Sarano Kelley
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Sarano Kelley and the Game
By Debbie Ellison

Every day is a quest for greatness, a commitment to living in the present where dreams become reality, where every person on the planet fulfills his or her highest purpose, where everything is possible, where illiteracy, war, and hunger have been eradicated. And it's all a game.

This is Sarano Kelley's world, his vision, his passion, his goal. "I'm willing to put $100,000 and a lot of my time and effort," he says, "into proving that mankind is ready for that kind of evolution." Author of The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days, Kelley has devised a plan for living life to its fullest. Growing up in a gang-infested neighborhood in New York, he had a

different life planned from the violence and poverty in which he lived. "If I had made just one wrong choice, I'd be six feet under. The company you keep, including the company of your own thoughts, has a big impact on the way your life looks." At 16, Sarano entered Vassar College. At 23, he was earning $400,000 as a stockbroker on Wall Street. He is now a motivational speaker, life coach, and founder of The Center for Excellence and TheCoachingProgram.

The principles in the book are easy to follow and implement. While it is a tremendous commitment, the goals are attainable and can transform dreams into actions. Divided into thirteen aspects of life, players pick three to five aspects to improve in ninety days. By following rules, guidelines, and exercises, they learn to lead a more manageable, balanced, and productive life. The ground rules are simple. Give up self-criticism for 90 days. Observe what you're learning from playing The Game. Stop whining and complaining for 90 days. Share this process of discovery. And finally, have fun! The Game can be played by individuals or partners. At the end of the 90-day playing period, the two teams showing the highest levels of life enhancement based on a written essay will win $50,000 each. .

Sarano is on a national tour, giving interviews and seminars. His seminar at Atlanta Unity in May was inspiring and heartfelt. He is a dynamic speaker and motivator. "This evening," he challenges, "will be a transformation in your life." He asks the audience to remember when they were children. "What happened to your dreams?" he asks.

He believes they were lost in daydreams, procrastination, and not believing in ourselves. Success, he says, depends on the degree you focus on the only two things you can control: your thoughts/attitudes and your behavior. He stresses living in the present and producing instead of daydreaming, estimating that the average person spends ninety percent of life daydreaming. "What is the primary reason human beings meander and daydream through their lives?" he asks. "Lack of purpose. How many people have a purpose or how many people just wake up with a desire to get through each day until the final day? Unless you have something to die for, you have nothing to live for."

The Game shows you how to fulfill this purpose and reach the dreams you have set aside "waiting for your real life to happen." It advocates maintaining structure by scheduling important things instead of just "fitting them in," which you most likely will never do, and setting deadlines and consequences.

Sarano is a strong proponent of literacy action and is donating a portion of the proceeds from the book to the National Alliance of Urban Literacy Coalitions. His goal is to wipe out illiteracy by the year 2010. To learn about literacy, go to www.naulc.org. He says by the year 2020, the whole world will be playing The Game. An unrealistic projection? Not for a man who sticks with his goals to completion. Not for a man whose purpose in life is raising the consciousness and level of conversation with every human being he meets. "I'm inviting the world to play a game with me. I believe that if everyone played The Game, what you would see is a global renaissance in consciousness. Over the next two decades, we're scheduled to run out of drinking water. Due to global warming, the single greatest killer of mankind ever in human history is mosquitoes. There's more than enough food on the planet. There's more than enough housing. The problem is distribution. So a lot of the problems that we face, they're not problems that can't be solved. They're problems that we're too selfish to solve. And it's a shame that right now as I'm saying this, somewhere, there's a child dying of starvation when in this country at the same time there's someone dying of obesity. I consider that a tragedy."

Sarano Kelley's eyes pierce your soul as he looks intensely into your eyes, an intensity that reflects his being fully present with you as he speaks. "In the next twenty years, we'll either live together or we'll die together. Either way, we're in this deal together. I can't help but believe we are only scratching the surface of our potential as human beings." By the year 2020, world peace, the end of illiteracy, the attainment of every human being's highest potential, a global rise in consciousness. This is Sarano Kelley's world. And what a wonderful world it would be.

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