Guest Information

Pat Arrabito
In September of 1990, during a photography trip to Alaska, Pat's husband James and two of their sons were killed when the private plane in which they were passengers crashed. Despite this tragedy, the work that James began has been carried forward by his wife, Pat Arrabito, and the LLT staff.

Rob George
Dr. Rob George is a clinical director of a London Palliative Center, what we in this country would call a hospice. Day and night he lives with death and dying. Read what he has to say on the topics of grief, coping with your own death or the death of a loved one, religion and death, and more.

Pieter Houghton
Pieter Houghton knows a lot about death. As the first Jarvik 2000 heart pump recipient, Pieter was snatched out of the jaws of death - and yet still lives with its possibility each and every day. Statistically predictable based on his compounding symptoms, Pieter was within three weeks of dying from heart failure.

Connie Jeffery
Connie Jeffery has personally dealt with the topic of death. She lost both of her parents within eight months of each other. Even so, she describes watching her mother die as one of two times she experienced an especially powerful sense of the presence of God.

Dr. Raymond Shelton
Dr. Raymond Shelton developed the Critical Incident Stress Management Peer Support programs for both the Police and Fire Services in Nassau County and currently serves as the Clinical Director for the Nassau and Suffolk County New York Critical Incident Stress Programs.

In addition to his work with the emergency service population, Dr. Shelton spends a significant amount of time consulting with the corporate community and industry on the subjects of stress management, crisis response, and workplace violence. He responds to corporate and industrial accidents by providing psychological trauma services.