Guest Information

Christine Casey
"Science did not judge me. And the same way that I had been taught that God and religious dogma judged us as individuals. Science only judged the world as it saw it. And so there was sort of an intellectual egalitarianness to science and scientific study. And it was incredibly appealing to me. It was calming. It was non-confrontational. And it was about the world around us rather than the world inside us."

Hyveth Williams
Hyveth Williams was a prominent government official in the city of Hartford, Connecticut. While running for mayor there she went through a deeply disturbing period of her life that transformed her priorities. Now her ultimate goal is to be the Chaplain of the United States Senate.
She is the author of Anticipation : Waiting on Tiptoes for the Lord and her autobiography Will I ever learn? : One Woman's Life of Miracles and Ministry.

Bruce Lipton
Scientist, author, university professor and lecturer, Bruce Lipton, compares the evolution of the cell to that of humankind; clearly demonstrates that much of our technology is in direct imitation of Nature's designs for cell structures. Based upon his research at Stanford University, Dr. Lipton's most recent research publications on the regulation of cell behavior have yielded insight into the molecular basis of consciousness and the future of human evolution.

Bruce is on the cutting edge of the New Biology, which, like the New Physics, is changing the way we see things. In this we find that much of Neo-Darwinian biology is gravely in error and that the bleak picture it paints of our future is, at most, a self-fulfilling prophecy.