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Dr. Bruce Lipton
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Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist, author and lecturer, formerly served as an Associate Professor of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin's School of Medicine, where he participated in the medical curriculum as a lecturer on Cell Biology and Histology. More recently, as a Pathology Fellow at Stanford University's School of Medicine, his research on the human immune system yielded information on the molecular nature of consciousness and the future of human evolution.

Leading edge research in cell biology reveals that �environmental signals� are primarily responsible for selecting the genes expressed by an organism. This new perspective is in direct contrast with the established view that our fate is controlled by our genes. The new emphasis on nurture (environment) controlling nature (genes) focuses special attention on the importance of the maternal environment in fetal development. In addition to the established role of maternal physiology, it is now recognized that maternal behaviors and emotions profoundly impact the child�s physical development, behavioral characteristics and even its level of intelligence.

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