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Darwin's Theory

Phillip Johnson
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Reason in the Balance : The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law & Education
According to naturalism - what the author calls "the established religious philosophy of America" - God has no place in law, science or the schools. Naturalistic thinking believes nature is all there ever was, is and will be. And naturalistic thinking rules the intellectual world, including the public schools, the universities and the elite of the legal profession. But is naturalism itself beyond question? Few among the cultural elite have dared doubt it. Now comes Phillip Johnson, Berkeley law professor and former clerk to the U.S. Supreme Court, set to take on the "intellectual superstitions" of the day. Reason in the Balance is about God, sex education, evolution, abortion, the search for a grand unified theory in physics, what our public schools should teach, the basis of law, the meaning of reason and a few other things that matter. And that's just the long way of saying that after this book, the culture wars may never be the same again.
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Darwin on Trial
Philip E. Johnson offers a careful, reasoned, and scientifically sound evaluation of the support for Darwiniam--from the fossil records to molecular biology. He argues that this hotly debated theory is based more on faith than on evidence.
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The Wedge of Truth: Splitting the Foundations of Naturalism
While we may learn a great deal from science, it does not offer us unlimited knowledge. In fact, most scientists readily acknowledge that science cannot provide answers to questions of ultimate purpose or meaning. So to what authority will we turn for these? The deficiencies in science and the philosophy (naturalism) that undergirds it call for a cognitive revolution�a fundamental change in our thinking habits. And it all begins with a wedge of truth. This wedge of truth does not "wedge out" a necessary foundation of rational thought. But it does "wedge in" the much-needed acknowledgment that reason encompasses more than mere scientific investigation. Johnson argues compellingly for an understanding of reason that brings scientific certainty back into relational balance with philosophical inquiry and religious faith.
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Darwinism Defeated?: The Johnson-Lamoureux Debate on Biological Origins
This book is a review of Johnson's book titled 'Defeating Darwinism' and includes several responses from both the intelligent design community and several theistic evolutionists.
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Defeating Darwinsim by Opening Minds
By profaning the scientific establishment's most sacred cows, Johnson has earned critical acclaim and brisk sales. Now, the witty iconoclast who questioned the scientific evidence for Darwinian evolution in his Darwin on Trial (1991) provides a short, simple manual to help students, parents, teachers and pastors debate evolution, "a subject," Johnson says, "that has for too long been protected from critical thinking by law and academic custom." Included in the book are tips for using what Carl Sagan once called a "baloney detector kit" to verify the evidence used by opponents in an argument, as well as tips for detecting ad hominem and straw man arguments. Johnson's greatest contribution, however, is that he helps non-scientists distinguish between scientific fact, like microevolution within species, and unproved scientific theories, like macroevolution, which claims that molecules became men. He is also adept at exposing philosophical bias behind ostensibly "objective" scientific arguments. With measured prose and systematic thinking, Johnson uses his legal expertise to demonstrate the ways in which arguments about evolutionary theory may be conducted. Defeating Darwinism provides a new and powerful treatment on evolutionary naturalism for students, parents, teachers, pastors, and youth advisors. Phillip Johnson aims not just to defeat a bad theory, but to defeat it by opening minds to the truth.
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