Guest Information

Debbie Morris
Debbie's story is a powerful testimony of forgiveness and redemption on a road of spiritual, emotional and physical recovery littered with alcohol abuse, depression and panic attacks. Her journey back to wholeness eventually brought her to teaching special needs children and a solid, fulfilling family life with childhood friend, Brad Morris.

Debbie's story, first told publicly on PBS Frontline, proved so inspirational she was encouraged by many people, including Sister Helen Prejean, to write about it. Forgiving The Dead Man Walking was published in 1998. Since the publication of the book, Debbie has appeared on the Today Show, Leeza, The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, Focus on the Family, and National Public Radio's Fresh Air, among others. She has been featured in Ladies Home Journal, Marie Claire and Today's Christian Woman and many other of the country's most popular home, women's and Christian lifestyle magazines.

Today, Debbie is a highly sought speaker at conferences and retreats across the country, including Women of Faith conferences. In 2001 she is appearing with Dr. James Dobson on Focus on the Family. The subject of forgiving how to forgive, when to forgive, why to forgive has become a topic of increasing spiritual interest across mainstream America, transcending religious affiliation. Debbie's mission is to share her transformational story of healing and grace one she prays will help others discover the same life-altering power and freedom generated by the act of forgiveness. Debbie lives near Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and their two children.

Sharon Ratcliff
Sharon is Debbie's mother, and although she did not suffer directly in the hands of Debbie's captors, she still had to go down her own long road to forgiveness and healing.
"I can remember one of the things that I hung on to was something that my father had said shortly after the kidnapping. He said...'For some reason for Debbie to have survived this, God had a plan for her'. He said, 'something good will come out of this because otherwise she would be dead'. You know, God had a plan. And I kept trying to see, to realize, what that plan could be. Today I know."

Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews served as executive director for the Faith For Today ministry for 19 years, until his retirement on September 1, 1999. Today he continues to represent Faith For Today as Speaker Emeritus while still occasionally hosting the organization's flagship program, Lifestyle Magazine, which is available to over 92 million households throughout the US, Canada, and over 140 countries around the world.