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Debbie Morris
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Interview with PBS Frontline

"They did a lot of things. They -- they just were exerting their power over me. More than anything they were trying to make me scared with the guns and the knives. They teased me a lot. They were just making sure that, that I knew that they were in control."

The Christian Broadcasting Network: Amazing Stories
It has been several years since the general public first learned about the incredible story of rape victim Debbie Morris from the acclaimed film Dead Man Walking starring Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon. Now in an exclusive interview with 700 Club co-host Terry Meewsen, Debbie reveals her terrifying story and how she learned to forgive her perpetrators and return to the compassionate God who rescued her.

Today's Christian Woman, May/June 1999
Debbie recounts the painful process in her book, and has been able to share her story on programs as varied as Leeza, Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, National Public Radio's "Fresh Air," and in the pages of Ladies' Home Journal and Marie Claire. A former public school special education teacher who's on hiatus and a MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) coordinator for her local church, Debbie articulately tackles questions about God's grace, goodness, and power over evil in this cover interview.

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