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Brian Greene
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"The Elegant Universe presents the ideas and aspirations--and some of the characters--of string theory with clarity and charm. It is both a personal story and the tale of a great intellectual movement." - Chris Quigg, Scientific American "Greene does an admirable job of translating a wholly mathematical endeavor into visual terms. Throughout his work, he writes with poetic eloquence and style."
- Marcia Bartusiak, Washington Post Book World

"[Greene] develops one fresh new insight after another. . .In the great tradition of physicists writing for the masses, The Elegant Universe sets a standard that will be hard to beat."
- New York Times

"Physicist Brian Green's lectures on string theory are the hottest ticket on the Columbia campus, and his book, The Elegant Universe, is compulsively readable. Explaining the seductively named, "Theory of Everything" in comprehensible terms, Greene threatens to do for string theory what Stephen Hawking did for black holes. Did we say the professor's also very cute?"
- New York Magazine

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