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Dr. Robert Kaita
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Electron Bernstein Wave Electron Temperature Profile Diagnostic, June 2000 (PDF Format)

Rogowski Loop Designs for NSTX (PDF Format)

"Diagnostics for Liquid Lithium Experiments in CDX-U " R. Kaita, P. Efthimion, D. Hoffman, B. Jones, H. Kugel, R. Majeski, T. Munsat, S. Raftopoulos, G. Taylor, J. Timberlake, V. Soukhanovskii, D. Stutman, M. Iovea, M. Finkenthal, R. Doerner, S. Luckhardt, R. Maingi, and R. Causey (2000)

"Engineering Design of the National Spherical Torus Experiment " Neumeyer, C., P. Heitzenroeder, J. Spitzer, J. Chrzanowski, A. Brooks, J. Bialek, H.M. Fan, G. Barnes, M. Viola, B. Nelson, P.Goranson, R. Wilson, E. Fredd, L. Dudek, R. Parsells, M. Kalish, W. Blanchard, R. Kaita, H. Kugel, B. McCormack, S. Ramakrishnan, R. Hatcher, G. Oliaro, E. Perry, T. Egebo, A. Von Halle, M. Williams, and M. Ono. (2000) (PDF Format)
"Overview of Impurity Control and Wall Conditioning in NSTX" H.W. Kugel, R. Maingi, W. Wampler, R.E. Barry, M. Bell, W. Blanchard, D. Gates, D. Johnson, R. Kaita, S. Kaye, R. Maqueda, J. Menard, M.M. Menon, D. Mueller, M. Ono, S. Paul, Y-K. M. Peng, R. Raman, A. Roquemore, C. H. Skinner, S. Sabbagh, B. Stratton, D. Stutman, J. R. Wilson, S. Zweben, and the NSTX National Research Team (2000) (PDF Format)
Liquid Lithium Wall Experiments in CDX-U (PDF Format)
Current Profile Modification During Lower Hybrid Current Drive in the Princeton Beta Experiment-Modification (PDF Format)

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