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Hyveth Williams

"On one hand I was very famous: I couldn't walk through the city without being photographed; I was always on the news in doing television talk shows and so forth; very popular with the media people. And on the other hand, I lived a life that every time I went to me�went home, I would think: Tonight is the night I'm going to kill myself." In fact, I attempted to commit suicide on three occasions that I can recall right now. So I had that very difficult kind of a life." more

Chuck Smith Jr.

"There have been times in my life in which I have questioned the existence of God . You know, I have wondered. I mean like everyone there have been times when I've prayed over very serious matters and the only response is silence. And you know there is that groping in the dark sometimes and you wonder if this is real. Because when all you have to support your relationship with God is faith then there are tests to that faith. And critical periods that it has to survive. I mean it's the whole nature of faith to be a strength in those times."

Will Smith

"To reduce prayer to a formula or this is how you should pray or this is why you should pray or what you pray. Prayer is less our focus but more the presence of God. And God being there. And we were talking about how I've prayed before and focused all my thought and focused everything I have on God and prayed but never really quite connected with him or never really felt his presence. But then other times I've been in regular thought process just formulating thought and all of a sudden since the presence of the Holy Spirit involved in my thought process. And it wasn't under the usual formula of prayer. I wasn't sitting down intentionally praying but the Lord met with me and He talked with me."

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