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Maggie Higgs

"My father and I were biking down a volcano in Maui and he got hit by a car. I saw it happen. He was thrown from the bike and his helmet flew off because, I guess, he didn't buckle it all the way, and he hit his head very hard. Because of that, he was in a coma for four and a half years. He died about a year and a half ago because we put him on hospice."

"During the time that my father was in the coma, I was pissed off. I was very very upset at God. And I didn't want anything to do with Him. I didn't understand why. Why did he have to be in a coma? Why him? Why us? I was mad at everyone, myself."

"I was generally just a mean person. And everyone knew that."

"Then one day just realized that it wasn't going to get me anywhere being mean to people, angry at everything. It wasn't going to make my life any better. I wanted a happy life. So, I started opening up and I started talking to different people in the church and a lot of people that I had respect. As it turns out, a lot of them were Christians. I started going that direction. It really made me realize a lot about myself and why things happen. So I started becoming closer to God and kind of opening and letting Him in and it really changed me."

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