The Evidence

The Evidence, Faith For Today Television’s production hosted by Dwight Nelson, Senior Pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, brings a brand new opportunity to connect with friends and neighbors who need to re-ignite their enthusiasm about things spiritual, or to simply introduce them to a God who cares about every facet of their lives.

The Evidence is a half-hour news-magazine television show that investigates the possibility of God in all expressions. Through interviews with world-renown scientists who de-mystify the technologies of nature, and artists who illuminate the wonder of life, The Evidence bridges the gap between science and theology, between ritual and the human heart. It asserts that the idea of God, while not provable, is not irrational. Almost an introduction to God, The Evidence explores such fundamental questions as “Does God really exist?,” “Where did we come from?” and “Why are we here?” Studying not only the idea that God exists, but that amazing transforming power of spirituality in the lives of everyday people.

Dr. Nelson takes us on a weekly reconnaissance tracing evidence of God through the world’s cultures throughout history, virtually re-booting our spiritual consciousness with his fresh Judeo-Christian awareness replacing ambivalence with revitalized understanding and enthusiasm.