~ Sharing the Gospel Through Music ~

In celebration of their 60th Anniversary, Faith For Today has sponsored  free community concerts produced by Morning Song Concerts (  These special events have been free, friendship evangelism events featuring artists Steve Darmody and Jennifer LaMountain.  Mike and Gayle Tucker have attended each event, enjoying the opportunity to greet old friends and make new friends for Faith For Today.

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PAST CONCERT - December 2010<br>Miami FL (Maranatha)<br>Darmody/LaMtn/Micelli Concert - <br><br>Faith for Today, in celebration of their 60th year of ministry, is sponsoring a very special concert with Jennifer LaMountain, Steve Darmody and Rudy Micell. Mike and Gayle Tucker will be present to meet the many friends and supporters who attended. Mike will share a 'FAITH Moment" at the concert.<br><br>Special Guest singers from the Miami Temple Church will join in the grande finale, Messiah Medley.

PAST CONCERT - May 2010<br>Berrien Springs, MI (Pioneer)<b>Darmody& LaMountain Concert - <br><br>Faith for Today sponsored a Free Gospel Concert at the Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI on May 29, 2010. Mike and Gayle Tucker were prese<br><br> Mike and Gayle Tucker also conducted a live "Mad About Marriage" seminar over the weekend that was attended by 100 couples.

PAST CONCERT - April 2010<br>Kansas City, MO (New Haven)<br>Darmody & LaMountain Concert - <p></p>Faith for Today, along with the KS-NE Conference and Shawnee Mission Medical Center sponsored this Free Gospel Concert in Kansas City, NE at the New Haven SDA Church. Mike and Gayle Tucker were present to meet their many friends and supporters. Mike shared a 'FAITH Moment" at the concert that saw many community friends and hospital employees attend. <br><br>There was also a <b>Mad About Marriage Workshop</b> by Mike and Gayle Tucker beginning Friday night, April 2.</p>

PAST CONCERT - December 2009<br>Washington DC (Beltsville)<br>Darmody & LaMountain Concert - <br><br>This was the second Friendship Evangelism Concert that Faith For Today sponsored in 2009 in partnership with Morning Song Concerts. FFT brought two special concert events to the Washington DC area. Both were streamed live over the internet. <br><br><b>WATCH THE VIDEO CLIPS OF THE CONCERTS</p></b>

PAST CONCERT - August 2009<br>Vancouver, WA (Advent. Com)<br>Darmody & LaMountain Concert - <br><br>The Portland-Vancouver, Washington area received a Friendship Evangelism Concert sponsored by Faith For Today and the Vancouver SDA Church. This free Gospel concert was hosted by Mike and Gayle Tucker. Pastor Tucker shared a "Faith Moment" during the concert and were able to meet our their friends and supporters as well as make new friends. <br><br>WATCH THE iPHONE VIDEO CLIP :-)