McDougall, M.D.

McDougall, M.D. is one of the fastest moving, most entertaining, most informative half hours you will ever spend in front of your television.

People are supposed to look good, feel great, and function perfectly for a lifetime. But most people don’t. By knowing some key facts about how your body reacts to different foods, eating accordingly, exercising moderately, and staying away from toxic substances, you can maintain your optimum weight and health condition for a lifetime.

It features world renown best-selling author and internist, John McDougall, M.D. “Dr. John” and his co-host, Mary McDonough of TV’s The Waltons, invite guest authorities and specialists to each program to illuminate specific health issues and help you find resolutions.

Dr. John McDougall knows what it takes to stay healthy – hundreds of thousands of success stories over the years prove it! On McDougall, M.D., the doctor – and his guest experts – will teach you a clinically proven means of weight management, how to reverse or prevent many common illnesses, and how to live a healthier life – often simply by altering your diet.

This weekly series also features regular health-wise cooking segments with program guests and semi-regular Mary McDougall, Dr. John’s wife and author of several popular vegetarian health cookbooks.

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