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April 4, 2011
The Aroma of His Love

The Coliseum in ancient Rome was the sight of great brutality and slaughter, yet the games were immensely popular with the citizens. Gladiators fought for the amusement of the crowds, often forfeiting their lives for the applause of those in attendance.

Attending the games in those days must have been quite an experience. The hot Italian sun beat down on the Coliseum, which held more than 50,000 spectators. Live animals were often included in the games and spectacles presented there, so the odors from the floor of the Coliseum were less than pleasant. When coupled with the fact that regular bathing was not a common practice among many of the citizenry, there was probably quite a stench to the arena. The mingled smell of animals, sweat, blood, and body odors was undoubtedly quite overwhelming.

Frequently the emperors, in order to gratify the citizens of Rome, would cause sweet perfumes to be rained down upon them through the awning that covered the amphitheater. Huge vessels of perfume were opened, and their contents were emptied on the awning and allowed to drip on the crowds below.

As long as the jars were sealed, the perfume had no effect on the odors of the Coliseum, but when the contents were poured out and the drops of perfumed rain began to descend, everyone was refreshed, and the aroma must have lingered on recipients for hours afterward.

Such is the love of God. It is like sweet perfume to the inhabitants of a world marred by sin’s stench. There is a richness and a fullness in His love, but it is not perceived until the Spirit of God pours it out like the rain of fragrance over the heads and hearts of His children.

Once we are touched by the great love of God, its sweet scent lingers and is spread to everyone with whom we come in contact. What a privilege He has given us, allowing us to bless others by simply carrying the aroma of His love in our lives.

With Love,


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