Faith For Today Sermon Archive
Sermons preached by Mike Tucker at the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church in Arlington, Texas.
Title Description
Glimpses Of God This series examines four basic doctrines of Christianity:  The doctrine of God the Father, The doctrine of God the Son, The doctrine of God the Holy Spirit and The doctrine of the authority of Scripture.
Identity Quest Who are you? Do you know the answer to this question? Many Christians have never come to the full realization of their identity in Christ. Pastor Tucker helps us discover our true identity through a study of the book of 1 Peter.
In Defense Of Snidely Whiplash This series examines the very real problems of our enemies. Why do we have enemies and can we learn anything from them? Pastor Tucker examines the lives of biblical characters who struggled with enemies and gleans practical advice for anyone who has ever had an enemy.
Iron Prophet, Rusty Tears Iron Prophet Rusty Tears is an examination of the book of Jeremiah. As we study this ancient book we catch a glimpse of God's heart through the tears of the Iron Prophet.
Kingdom Stories A major theme of Jesus' preaching was "The Kingdom of Heaven." Through His parables we learn deep truths about God's Eternal Kingdom.
Revealing Jesus Pastor examines the Bible's most mysterious book, the book of Revelation. In the midst of strange beasts and Armageddon, we discover something surprising - we find a beautiful picture of Jesus!
Salvation Stories
In this world of surviving ordeals and passing tests, is there any assistance we might find along the way? In this series we find assurance in the stories told by Jesus Christ explaining our salvation.
Faith For Today Special Series
Basic Christian Doctrines.
Title Description
HeartQuest HeartQuest is a series of presentations by Mike Tucker designed to assist you on your journey to genuine spirituality. In each program, Pastor Tucker explores a different aspect of spirituality and provides practical tools to assist you in discovering a more fulfilling relationship with Jesus -- “the One who has loved you all along.”
LifeQuest is an inspiring series of messages preached by Faith For Today's Mike Tucker, along with Elizabeth Talbot, Associate Speaker for the Voice of Prophecy radio ministry. LifeQuest is designed to assist you in discovering a more fulfilling relationship with the Life Giver. The series was originally presented in 2009 in Pasadena, California, before a live audience and was simultaneously aired worldwide by satellite.