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July 4, 2011
Which is Your Country?

George Shultz, when serving as Secretary of State during the Reagan administration, kept a large globe in his office. When newly appointed ambassadors had an interview with him, and when ambassadors returning from their posts for their first visit with him were leaving his office, Shultz would test them. He would say, "I want you to go over the globe and prove to me that you can identify your country." They would go over, spin the globe, and put their finger on the country to which they were appointed --unerringly.

When Shultz's old friend and former Senate majority leader Mike Mansfield was appointed ambassador to Japan, even he was put to the test. This time, however, Ambassador Mansfield spun the globe and put his hand on the United States. He said: "That's my country."

On June 27, 1993, Shultz related this experience to Brian Lamb on C-Span's "Booknotes." Said the secretary: "I've told that story, subsequently, to all the ambassadors going out. 'Never forget you're over there in that country, but your country is the United States. You're there to represent us. Take care of our interests and never forget it. And you're representing the best country in the world.' "

As proud as I am of my country, the United States is not my true home.  I am a citizen of Heaven!  The Apostle Paul tells me that I have been sent as an ambassador to this world.  I must be careful to remember that I am here to represent the best place in the entire universe.  I am here to represent Jesus Christ, my King!  How about you?

With Love,

william ajah
2011-07-06 7:01 AM

truly we must live as ambassadors, we must be conscious of our heritage as God's special people, people must see the living reality of the power of God at work in us, living epistles advertising Jesus in the reality of all that the word declares, godliness truly pays so we must pay the price to be able to compel his presence where ever we go; so sons of the most high arise and shine for thy light has come and the glory of the Lord is rising upon us. SHALOM


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