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September 12, 2011
Reason for Hope

Author James Branch Cabell writes, "The optimist thinks that this is the best of all possible worlds; the pessimist knows it."

Based on that definition, I think I should like to be neither!

Many have identified in their lives a plaguing sense of meaninglessness.  If life as we see it in worldwide headlines and calamities is all there is to behold, then pessimism becomes inescapable.

Perhaps a greater tragedy than the prevalent sense of hopelessness is that it sometimes seems as if we Christians agree with this pessimistic view.  It is becoming easy to gather around negative messages and dire forecasts as if our criticism of the world is its only remaining hope.  Are we not entrusted with far greater a message than this?  We are right to cling to a sense of urgency.  Yet, should we not do so with brilliant words of hope for even the darkest of places?

Is there reason for pessimism?  Certainly, there is reason to be sobered by a world of injustice, pain, and death.  And we know that this world will soon come to an end.  But is there reason for optimism?  Absolutely, for we know that Christ has won over Satan, and because of His victory, humanity shall win!  His great love and sacrifice has made us victorious. There is reason for hope as strong as death and love as unyielding as the grave, for Christ is both present and returning.

There is indeed reason to hope.  Christ has announced the arrival of a kingdom that confronts our despair, calling us into a world where God Himself reigns.  We should ever be the harbingers of this incredibly optimistic news.  

With Love,

Rose Ann Joseph
2011-09-19 7:17 AM

please send me the book heart food please.  I have heard u advertise it in one of your series on reverlation.  I would really like to receive a book like that to help me spiritually.
please pray for me that God will draw me close to and that my faith in Him will be strengthen.  May God continue to bless yoour minstries.


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