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September 26, 2011
Keep On Trusting

Augustine's mother, Monica, was a fervent Christian believer who prayed constantly for her son's salvation. Her whole life was devoted to praying for his conversion.

At one point, when it appeared that Augustine was becoming devoted to the Manichaean philosophy, Monica begged a Christian holy man to speak to him and show him why the Manichaean beliefs were not true. The holy man refused, because Augustine was known to have a great intellect and would likely try to savage the holy man's arguments.

The holy man assured Monica that he, too, had once been a Manichaean, and that Augustine was too smart to deceive himself much longer. At this, Monica began to cry, but the holy man sent her away, saying, "Go, go! Leave me alone. Live on as you are living. It is not possible that the son of such tears should be lost."

The holy man was right. After many years and a fierce inner struggle, Augustine was touched by a revelation in Scripture, and he became a Christian. When Monica learned of her son's salvation, she declared that she had nothing more to live for, for the greatest desire of her heart had been fulfilled. Nine days later, Monica died. And the son for whom she had spent her life praying went on to influence the whole world for the Christian faith.

Monica never quit praying. "Live on as you are living," said the holy man. "It is not possible that the son of such tears should be lost." Are you concerned about someone you love? Keep on asking God for help. Don't let your tears quench the flame of your faith in God. It may feel as though God is ignoring you, but I assure nothing could be further from the truth. God loves your dear one even more than you do, so don't give up. Keep on asking, and keep on trusting!

With love,

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