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October 31, 2011
Just One Person

A number of years ago, young Matthew LeSage, a third grader, wanted to do something to help those who were hungry in his city.  He started a program called Hams for the Hungry. In its fourth year, Hams for the Hungry raised $40,000 to brighten the holiday season for people with limited resources.

Matthew's story reminds me of yet another young man, years ago, who also had a heart for other people. He was thirteen years old when he read about Dr. Albert Schweitzer's missionary work in Africa, and he wanted to help.

He had enough money to buy one bottle of aspirin. He wrote to the Air Force and asked if they could fly over Dr. Schweitzer's hospital and drop the bottle down to him. A radio station broadcast the story about this young fellow's desire to help people. Others began to respond and joined in his efforts. Eventually, he was flown by the government to Schweitzer's hospital along with 4 ½ tons of medical supplies worth $400,000, freely given by thousands of people. This, of course, would be the equivalent of millions of dollars today. When Dr. Schweitzer heard the story, he said, "I never thought one child could do so much."

Perhaps you have been hesitant to attempt to make a difference in the world since you are only one person.  But the Apostle Paul’s assertion that he could “do all things in Christ” is a constant reminder of the power of just one person.

What are the needs that surround you?  What needs to be done in your neighborhood – in your community?  Now ask yourself – what prevents you from meeting those needs?

Is it possible that God intends to meet the needs of others in your world through you?  Never underestimate the power of just one person!

With Love,

2014-09-01 11:53 AM

Seven years ago it was placed on my heart that we have this big church and 2 schools in my neighborhood, yet no one knows who we are.  So, I reached out to that neighborhood and city  by starting the Neely's Bend Run.  An event that brought "us" out to meet "them".  It has been a complete success with our 5 year celebration this October 19.  We now have several churches in the community involved.  Best of all, more people know "us" as being more normal then they thought. :)

Gayle Tucker
2014-09-02 1:18 AM

This is a wonderful story, Vicki! Thank you for sharing it with us. It proves once again that one person can make a big difference. May God bless as you continue to connect with the people in your community. I hope this year's run is a huge success! 


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