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Faith Moment
March 12, 2012
Aesop shared a fable about two eagles. One of the eagles became envious of the other because the other could soar higher and more elegantly than he could. So the envious eagle would pluck his strongest feathers from his own body and shoot them as arrows, trying to wound or kill the other eagle. Repeatedly, the envious eagle shot his feathers, but always in vain.

Having failed in his attempts to wound or kill the other eagle, the envious eagle decided to fly away to further contemplate his predicament. However, when he spread his wings, he discovered that he could no longer fly. He was now missing his most important feathers. The once high-flying eagle was now grounded. He was relegated to walking when he could have flown. Envy had been his undoing.

It is understandable that each of us will have enemies. Enemies are an inescapable part of life. However, if we focus our energies on hating our enemy we will self-destruct rather than destroying our enemy. If we become envious of the seemingly easy life afforded our enemy, we will lose the valuable life we already have.

Hate no one. Do not focus on your enemy and do not allow feelings of envy or animosity to grow. Keep your focus on God. That is the best way to soar.

With Love, Mike

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