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February 20, 2012
Costly Grace

In his book Turning Points, Robert Beringer shares an amazing story of grace told by novelist A.J. Cronin from his own experience.

At the close of the Second World War, a family by the name of Adams decided to open their home to a little refugee boy with the outlandish name of Paul Piotrostanalzi. The Adams had two daughters and a son named Sammy. Sammy and Paul became inseparable friends, but little Paul was a difficult child, and he often disobeyed Mr. and Mrs. Adams.

One day, little Paul went swimming in some contaminated water. He became very ill with a high fever, and the doctor suggested he sleep in an attic bedroom. But little Sammy missed his friend Paul so much that one night he crept up the attic stairs and into bed with Paul. Paul's hot breath fell on Sammy's neck all night. In the morning, Sammy, who had never been a strong child, became deathly ill. Paul recovered his health, but Sammy died within three days. It was a terrible tragedy.

A year later, Dr. Cronin decided to pay a call on the Adams family. As he pulled into their driveway, he was amazed and then angry as he saw Paul, the refugee boy, working in the garden with Mr. Adams. He got out of his car and angrily approached Mr. Adams. "What's this Paul Pio ...whatever his name is, doing here after what he did to your family?" Mr. Adams looked at the doctor and then said quietly, "Dr. Cronin, you won't have any more trouble with Paul's name. You see, he's Paul Adams now. We've adopted him."

What a wonderful story of costly grace!  Amazingly, the same thing happened to us.  Our illness cost God’s Son his life.  Instead of resenting us, God has adopted us to be His own.  That is an even more wonderful story of costly grace.

With Love,

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