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101 FORGIVENESS (Composite)
Features interviews with Sunny Jacobs, Debbie Morris and Lewis Smedes.
102 To God's Ear
Recent scientific studies prove the power of prayer.
103 Digging For The Truth: Archeology: Is the Bible reliable?
104 Art and Inspiration
A scriptwriter, a fine artist, and a script consultant talk about their art and God.
105 Through the Fire
One woman's journey from a childhood of unspeakable hell to the hope of heaven.
106 Searching For God
A Fortune 500 atheist sets out to prove God does not exist.
107 On God And War
A man loses a lifetime of faith through one night of carnage in Vietnam.
108 On God And Dying
A woman loses her husband and two children in a plane crash.
109 Wrongfully Accused
Seventeen years in prison for a crime she didn't commit.
110 Pathways to God
Discovering God through science.
111 Darwin's Dilemma
Darwin's theory is challenged in the light of new scientific breakthroughs.
112 Matter Of Faith
The quest for faith in the 21st century.
113 Both Sides of the Gun
A robbery turned to murder leads to friendship and forgiveness.
114 Forgiving the Dead Man Walking
The true story of one of the victims behind the movie.
115 God, The Universe, and Everything
New light on cosmology suggests a designer.
116 Miracle Match
Finding hope and a new life in an unlikely place. The story of one selfless man saving the life of a stranger.
117 Pizza and Prophecy
Can pizza lead to salvation? No! But Cliff Goldstein began his journey into studying prophecy and ultimately finding God while at a pizza parlor
118 DeadSea Scrolls
Can ancient manuscripts found hidden for centuries in caves, change the course of history?
119 Two Sides of the Miracle
Two couples, two struggles, two examples of God's grace.
120 Music and Inspiration
Does music and inspiration truly come from the Master craftsman?
121 Nature and Design
122 If God is Love, Why does He allow Natural Disasters?
When we see horrendous natural disasters, the question always arises - Where was God?
123 If God exists, Why Can't Science Prove it?
With all the advances in science, can we prove scientifically the existence of God?
124 If God exists, Why does He allow Inhumanity?
Genocide, pedophilia and rape how can a loving God allow such inhumanity? Listen to these expert's view and decide for yourself.
125 If God is the Creator, Why did He create Dinosaurs?
Did dinosaurs really exist? Is so, did God create them?
126 If God knows the future, why did He allow ADAM and EVE to be Tempted?
Why does God allow temptation?
127 If God Loves me, Why doesn't He Answer my Prayers?
Are all prayers answered? Or just a select few?

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