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June 11, 2012
Hidden Treasure

Have you ever hunted for treasure? Van Morris is a treasurer hunter of sorts. He started hunting for treasure with a metal detector as a hobby more than 20 years ago, and he has been at it ever since. When Van began treasurer hunting, he received two pieces of valuable advice:

First, he was told, when you dig up something you have found buried in the ground, always scan the hole once again before refilling it. Oftentimes, where there is one coin, there will be others. Van has proven this to be true time and again.

Secondly, never believe that a place has been “hunted out,” meaning that all the treasure has been taken.  For the patient hunter, Van was told, there will likely be more treasure waiting. Van has also found this to be true.

On one occasion, Van was given permission to hunt the site of a home built in the late 1700s; a property that he was told had been hunted out. Van started scanning early that morning and hunted for six hours without finding a thing. Just when he was ready to give up, he started getting signals from the metal detector—one right after the other. He dug out so many coins that they were literally running out of both of his pants pockets. One of the coins Van found that day was an 1865 3-cent piece, worth about $70.

In the Christian life, there is a site to which to which we can go to find much bigger treasurers – the treasurers of the universe. That site is the Word of God – the Bible – and you’ll find that the rules for treasure hunting apply:

First, when you find a valuable principle of truth in Scripture, look again before you close the Book, because you will likely find more truths close by;

Second, never believe that the Bible has been “hunted out.” There is always more to learn, and new blessings are available every single time we search. New Christians who are just beginning their search can sweep over the Scriptures and find a host of marvelous treasures. And veteran students of the Bible can be sure that, no matter how much we dig, it will never be hunted out. The treasures of God’s Word will never be exhausted.

I invite you to begin your treasure hunt in Scripture today!

With Love,

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