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April 29, 2013
The Christian Argument

Not many people today remember the name Nikolai Ivanovich Bukharin. During his day, however, he was as powerful a man as there was on earth. Bukharin was a Russian Communist leader who took part in the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. He was editor of the Soviet newspaper Pravda (which, by the way, means “truth”), and was a full member of the Politburo. His works on economics and political science are still read today.

The story is told about a journey Nikolai took from Moscow to Kiev in 1930 to address a huge assembly on the subject of atheism. Addressing the crowd he aimed his heavy artillery at Christianity, hurling insult, argument, and every supposed proof that he could invoke against it.

An hour later, he was finished. He looked out at what appeared to be the smoldering ashes of the audience's faith. "Are there any questions?" Bukharin demanded.

Deafening silence filled the auditorium for a few moments. Then, one man approached the platform and mounted the lectern to stand near the communist leader. He surveyed the crowd, first to the left and then to the right. Finally, he raised his voice and triumphantly shouted the ancient greeting known well in the Russian Orthodox Church: "Christ is risen!" En masse, the crowd arose as one, and the response came crashing like the sound of thunder: "He is risen indeed!”

Arguments for or against the existence of God are overrated. The proof – the real proof – comes when you have truly experienced the risen Lord. Have you experienced Jesus?

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Richard Burnett
2013-05-04 10:24 PM

POWERFUL, WONDERFUL MESSAGE, Pastor Mike......May the Holy, Righteous Name of JESUS be PRAISED, UPLIFTED, and GLORFIED!!!!!!!!


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