Faith Moment
June 3, 2013
Without Me You Can Do Nothing

I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13 NJK

J. Gordon, one of the founders of Gordon Conwell Divinity School, told of an interesting experience. He was out walking one day and looked across a field at a house that was some distance away. There beside the house was what looked like a man pumping furiously at the handle of an old water pump. As Gordon watched, the man continued to pump at a tremendous rate. He seemed absolutely tireless, pumping on and on, up and down, without ever slowing in the slightest, much less stopping.

Truly it was a remarkable sight, so Gordon started to walk toward it. As he got closer, he began to realize that it was not a man at the pump, but a wooden figure painted to look like a man. The arm that was pumping so rapidly was hinged at the elbow, and the hand was wired to the pump handle. Water was pouring forth, but not because the figure was pumping it. You see, it was an artesian well, and the water was pumping the man!

When you see a man who is at work for God and producing results, recognize that it is the Holy Spirit working through him, not the man’s efforts that are giving results. All he has to do—and all you have to do – is keep your hand on the handle.

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