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July 15, 2013
Embracing the Gracious Gift

Writing in a book entitled With Open Hands, Henri Nouwen asserts: “The challenge of the gospel lies precisely in the invitation to accept a gift for which we can give nothing in return. For the gift is the very life breathe of God, the Spirit who is poured out on us through Jesus Christ. This life breath frees us from fear and gives us new room to live.”

Nouwen’s words remind us that the Christian faith is founded not upon your action or my action, but upon God’s action: God loving us with a love that will not let us go; God choosing to dwell among us in Christ, taking human form; God seeking relationship and reconciliation with all the world; God adopting persons of faith as daughters and sons.

Our task is but to receive the gift, to recognize and live in the assurance that all that we have in life—and indeed, all that we are—comes as gift from God. Once we embrace this gracious gift that we cannot earn and which cannot be repaid, only then are we freed to become gracious givers.

If you have not yet received the gift, why not accept God’s gracious gift of salvation today. It will change your life.

With Love,

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