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October 26, 2015
Brave Hearts

In the classic historical drama, Braveheart, William Wallace was the Scottish hero who led the fight against British rule in Scotland. Alongside Wallace stood Robert the Bruce, a Scottish nobleman who betrayed Wallace, but later—after Wallace’s execution—rose up to lead Scotland to freedom and was known as Robert the First, King of Scotland.

Before Robert the Bruce died in 1329, he requested that his heart be removed from his body and taken on the crusade against Britain by a worthy knight. His closest friend, James Douglas, who was at his side when he died, agreed.

The heart was removed, embalmed, and sealed in a silver container. According to legend, Douglas took the responsibility of literally carrying the heart of the nobleman-king into every battle he fought.

In early 1330, James Douglas found himself in an ill-fated battle, surrounded by the enemy.  Death for him was both certain and imminent. In an instant, Douglas reached for the heart and flung it toward the enemy, shouting, “Forward, brave hearts, and fight for the heart of your king!” The motto of the Douglas clan to this day is, “Forward!”

I wonder what battles you find yourself in today. Has life worn you down to the point of exhaustion? Is it a struggle to simply find time to share your deepest concerns and thoughts with your King? The good news is that if you will only move forward—not capitulating—our Lord will meet you and embrace you at the point of your need! He will join you in your battles to ensure victory in the struggles you face. So, take heart!

With Love,

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