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Short Description: Can pizza lead to salvation? No! But Cliff Goldstein began his journey into studying prophecy and ultimately finding God while at a pizza parlor.

The art, the architecture, the music and the philosophy of the last half of the twentieth century has often been called post-modern.The philosophy of post-modernism basically says that truth depends upon your point of view. In other words, truth, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Which raises an interesting question. Is one person's view of God inherently any better than another's? Is there clear, objective evidence that God even exists?
I'm Dwight Nelson. Let's take a look at The Evidence.

Segment A Intro:

Life-changing experiences sometimes occur in the strangest places. One of the most profound changes of Clifford Goldstein's life took place in a pizza parlor.

Segment A Outro:

While sitting in a pizza parlor, Clifford Goldstein gained an insight into God, the Universe, and Everything. His encounter with pepperoni and cheese changed his life. But Cliff needed more than pizza. He needed more than theory. He needed concrete evidence that God exists. He found what he needed in an old, dusty prophecy.We'll be right back.

Segment B Intro:

Clifford Goldstein's life changed over a slice of pizza. He realized there could be lots of theories about how the pizza got there. But there was only one correct explanation. Could it be there was a correct explanation of how he got here? That question set him off on a quest to find the answer. And that quest led him to an ancient prophecy.

Segment B Outro:

Clifford Goldstein had a powerful, personal, life-changing experience. But he wanted that experience to be grounded in objective reality. For him, the prophecy of Daniel 2 gave him just what he needed. We'll learn more about the prophecy that changed his life, right after this.

REPORTER LINES - On Pizza and Prophecy

Reporter 1:

As a busy college student, Clifford Goldstein occasionally combined his studies with a visit to the local pizza parlor. One day he read the philosopher, Spinoza, while eating his pizza. On this particular day, as he contemplated pizza and Spinoza, he abruptly gained an insight which changed his view of the world, his view of reality, his view of himself.

Reporter 2:

Cliff's pursuit of truth took him to some surprising places, and brought some unexpected sacrifices. Because in addition to his interests in philosophy and pizza, Cliff Goldstein was writing a novel.

Reporter 3:

Clifford never did anything halfway. And that novel became the most important thing in his life. More important than school. Even more important than other people.

Reporter 4:

As Clifford Goldstein searched for truth, he found a belief in God. What he didn't expect, is what that belief would cost him.

Reporter 5:

Clifford Goldstein may have been on a search for spiritual truth, but that search always had a material component. It began in a pizza parlor and continued with Cliff's demand that God reveal himself physically. Cliff's search took another turn when he met some people in, of all places, a health food store.

Reporter 6:

Clifford Goldstein hadn't always looked to the Bible as a source for truth. In fact, before his experience in the pizza parlor, he thought of the Bible simply as late Bronze Age camel-herder myths.

Segment C:

I'd like you to meet my friend Dr. Jacques Doukhan.
> Doctorate in Hebrew from University of Strasbourg
> Second Ph.D. in Old Testament
> Wrote several books, including "Secrets of Daniel"
Jacques, you must know everything there is to know about this subject.
The dream and it's meaning The dream Interpretation Interpretation correct?
This prophecy is objective evidence that God exists and is in control of history
For more on
Dr. Doukhan's book "The Secrets of Daniel" visit our website. The address is coming.
Or if you'd like to learn more about Clifford Goldstein's story or about the ancient prophecy of Daniel, check out our website.
I'll have some final thoughts in a moment.


We've gone today from a pizza parlor in 20th Century Florida to the ancient Kingdom of Babylon in the 6th century BC. We've gone from the subjective, personal encounter of one man with God to an impressive prophecy based on something as firm, and objective, as world history itself. What an incredible journey! The question, though, remains, What does it all mean? (turn)

What it means--at least to me--is this: Whatever our personal relationship with God, no matter how meaningful our experiences with

Him--we can build that relationship on a solid foundation, a foundation that cannot be moved or shaken by the various political, social and philosophical winds that blow down the streets and cold alleyways of our communities. I believe that anyone open-minded, anyone truly seeking answers to life's most important questions, will find in Daniel 2 powerful evidence for the existence of God and His involvement in the affairs of this world.

But don't take my word for it. Open the texts for yourself. Read them for yourself. Ask--how could these things have been portrayed so accurately if no God revealed them? And then, finally, ask yourself some real hard questions about life. Not just life in general,but about your life itself, about where it's going, and whether you want to continue on your own or, instead, have the same God who could predict the history of the world with such accuracy guide your life as well.

Tough questions. Life changing questions. Important questions, to be sure. But questions you can't afford to put off forever.Especially if forever isn't far away.

For The Evidence, I'm Dwight Nelson.


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