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Short Description: Can ancient manuscripts found hidden for centuries in caves, change the course of history?

If you've ever played the game of "Telephone" you know how easy it is to make mistakes when a message is passed from one person to another. Could it be we have the same problem with this ancient book? (Hold up Bible) After all, it was hand-copied from one scribe to another over thousands of years before the first Bible was ever printed. Did the scribes who copied the Bible make mistakes? How can we know that this book isn't just another game of "telephone"? I'm Dwight Nelson. Let's look at The Evidence.

Segment A Intro:

In 1947, according to the story, a shepherd boy tossed a stone into a cave. I've seen that cave by the way. He heard something break and climbed in to see what it was. What he found was the first of hundreds of ancient manuscripts that we now call the Dead Sea Scrolls. That one discovery is probably the most significant archeological find of the twentieth century. Everybody's heard of them, but very few people know what they really are. To get the whole story, we talked to the experts.

Segment A Outro:

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls has given us a new understanding of the people who preserved the Bible for future generations. But what do the scrolls tell us about the accuracy of the Bible? And is there anything in the scrolls, which help us to better, understand the Bible we have today? We'll be back with the answers, right after this.

Segment B Intro:

The Dead Sea Scrolls are the earliest known manuscripts of ancient texts sacred to Judaism and Christianity. If these Scrolls contradicted the holy writings common to these religions, that contradiction would potentially threaten the very existence of those religions.

Segment B Outro:

The Dead Sea Scrolls give us powerful evidence for the credibility of the Bible. (turns) When we come back we'll meet Dr. Eugene Ulrich, one of the world's foremost authorities on the Dead Sea Scrolls. So stay with us.

Segment C:

Dr. Eugene Ulrich
> Professor of Hebrew Scriptures at the University of Notre Dame. >Chief Editor of the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible
> World Authority on Dead Sea Scrolls.
MAIN POINT ONE: Establish Ulrich's credibility.
>  He reads and works with the actual manuscripts
>  Dead Sea Scrolls Bible. Tell us about it.
>  Limited number or scholars allowed access to scrolls at first. Why? (GET THIS POINT: access limited until sure Scrolls don't destroy Judaism and Christianity)
MAIN POINT TWO - Scrolls and credibility of Old Testament
>  Scrolls support credibility of Old Testament
>  Examples of how Scrolls help clarify some problem texts
>  Dead Sea Scrolls Bible. Tell us about it.
>  People at Q'umran's understanding of Old Testament
>  Most important thing Dead Sea Scrolls teaches us about Old Testament
MAIN POINT THREE - Scrolls and evidence for God
>  Ulrich's personal view -- Dead Sea Scrolls and evidence that God exists
>  Ulrich's personal view - Dead Sea Scrolls teach us about God.
There's lots more to learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls. To find out more, check out our website at www.theevidence.tv. I'll be right back with some concluding thoughts.


The Dead Sea Scrolls have it all: drama, intrigue, politics, religion, secrecy, history, prophecy. It's all there, not only in the ancient texts themselves but in the incredible story surrounding them and their impact on the scholarly world today.

But for now, the question is, What do they mean for the rest us?

What they mean to me is that God doesn't ask us to suspend our intellect or reason to believe in Him. God doesn't ask us to trust in the Bible blindly. On the contrary, in an age where the Bible has faced scrutiny regarding it's origin, credibility, and reliability, the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the way that they affirm the integrity of the Old Testament text, go a long way in supporting the accuracy of the Hebrew Bible. The Dead Sea Scrolls, in many ways, answer probing questions regarding the credibility of the Bible.

Do the Dead Sea Scrolls prove the Bible is the Word of God? I can't say they do. Do the Dead Sea Scrolls even prove the existence of God? I can't say they do. Do the Dead Sea Scrolls prove that the Bible is an accurate portrayal of the ancient history it tells about? I can't say they do.

What I can say, and I can say it most emphatically, is that they prove that the Bible we have today is very much like the Bible that was read thousands of years ago. The concepts expressed by the writers have been preserved for all these years!

And that, to me, is something of a miracle itself.

For The Evidence, I'm Dwight Nelson.


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