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Short Description: Two couples, two struggles, two examples of God's grace.

There's something difficult about miracles. Sometimes we pray and pray for a miracle to happen, and a miracle does happen. A farmer prays for rain and it rains. We all prayed and nine miners survived a coal mine disaster. But then there are other times when no matter how hard we pray, no matter how much we believe, no miracle happens. Is God's grace revealed in times of sorrow as well as times of joy?

I'm Dwight Nelson. Let's look at The Evidence.

Segment A Intro:

Cathy Austin was pregnant with little Daniel, their fourth child. At her regular appointment with her doctor, she reported that she hadn't felt Daniel move in a while. Her doctor ran a "non-stress" test and wasn't happy with the results.

Segment A Outro:

We're happy to say that today the Austin's are still doing great. (turns)

God's presence is revealed in times of joy. But is it also revealed in times of sorrow? Stay with us.

Segment B Intro:

Before Chas and Pamela Chase gave birth to their first child they were looking forward to bottles, rattles, and the terrible two's. But it soon became evident that something was terribly wrong.

Segment B Outro:

It's difficult to understand why sometimes miracles happen and sometimes they don't. Where is God's grace in the death of a child? When we come back, we'll search for the answers.

Reporter 1:

Dave Austin left his business meeting and caught the next plane back to Los Angeles. He landed just in time to get stuck in rush hour traffic. He finally arrived at Cathy's side minutes before she went into emergency surgery.

Reporter 2:

Dave Austin watched a team of nine doctors work to save his son's life. Daniel didn't respond. Dave wanted to pray for his son, but was embarrassed to put his faith on the line in front of all these doctors. Then he remembered, "This is my son." And he reached his arm past the working doctors, reached in and touched his son's leg.

Reporter 3:

The pH level is a way of measuring how much oxygen a baby has. A good pH level is around 7.25 to 7.35. A pH as low as 7.1 is cause for concern. 7.0 is bad. 6.9 is really bad. And anything lower is terrible.

Reporter 4:

None of the doctors expected Daniel to live through the night. But he did. And he lived through the next day. And the next week.Each day he grew stronger. Then, after only two weeks, the doctors decided Daniel could go home. Daniel's father came in to pick him up.

Segment C:

Writer Alan Ball, once wrote, " When a child loses his parents, we call him an orphan. When a woman loses her husband, we call her a widow. What do you call a parent who loses a child? I guess it's just so awful, there isn't even a name for it." Smuts van Rooyen is the Pastor of the Vallejo Drive Seventh-day Adventist Church in Glendale, California. He has spent a lifetime studying the topic of grace.

> What is grace?
> What is the relationship between grace and suffering?
> We've heard two stories in this episode, one of a family whose son was miraculously healed, one of a family whose son recently died. Both families believed in God. Both families prayed for a miracle. Why the difference?
> Does grace cost us something? Is it hard to accept?

> Grace and God
> Personal view - Grace as evidence for God.

Would you like to know more about this important subject? I'd like to invite you to visit our website, www.theevidence.tv to get additional information on Ryan and Daniel's stories and on the topic of grace. I'll be back in just a few moments with some concluding thoughts.


One of the greatest challenges regarding faith in God, is the question, of suffering, and of death, a question that none of us can ever fully answer or understand. But what I can begin to understand, if only faintly, is the power of God's grace to give us hope, trust, and faith amid suffering and death, such as what we've seen today. Two couples, two struggles, two examples of God's grace.

No one among us is immune to suffering. We know it personally, first-hand. Some deal with it daily. And yet, above it all, there is a God who can give our lives meaning and purpose, if not because of suffering, then at least despite it. And that's the greatest kind of grace we can ever know.

For The Evidence, I'm Dwight Nelson.


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