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Faith For Today is a television ministry committed to sharing God's grace with the world through broadcast media. That’s been our vision since 1950, when Faith For Today launched its live inspirational television drama on ABC from New York City. That was more than 60 years ago, and we are now the oldest religious television broadcast in the world!

Today, Faith For Today produces a family of programs, including Lifestyle Magazine, The Evidence, Faith For Today, and McDougall, MD, and we’ve expanded to include Internet ministry, live seminars, a mobile device channel, and community concert events as well.

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  • Home At Last

    Oct. 2, 2015  | Home At Last is a 9-part series of presentations by Pastor Mike Tucker, taking an honest look at God. It’s for people who have questions about the truth of the Bible and ... More

  • Faith Moments Blog

    Faith Moments

    July 18, 2016  |  0 Comments

    I like this description of one man’s quest to become a leader. The article is anonymous. I went on a search to become a leader. I searched high and low... More

  • Lifestyle Magazine

    Lifestyle Magazine

    Life Choices
    Wouldn’t it be great if every choice in our life could be easy? Our guest today, R&B/pop/gospel singer Deniece Williams, has made quite a few choices... More